Last night was a little busy…

Our first day of home-based learning was all about how an assembly line works 🙂

The whole family pitched in to help pack over 500 books last night after we got our books back from the printer! We put 3 x $0.30 sticker stamps on each envelope, slotted in a thank you note with each book, then squished in one book per envelope (the envelopes I bought were a tighter squeeze than I expected…ooops!).

Our original plan was to deliver the books we are donating to preschools right to the school, so teachers could distribute to the kids. Unfortunately with schools closing for a month starting on the 8th of April in Singapore, our books came just 2 days too late! Some schools were willing to go to Plan B with us – ship directly to the students’ homes. It was really fun making our deliveries today…

Other schools will be distributing the books to kids when they come back after this “circuit breaker” period. In addition, many teachers are sharing the eBook with their students as part of the home-based learning curriculums they are developing.

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