Where is our book?

Updated September 2020:

We are so happy to see that this book is helping parents and teachers everywhere! Here are some highlights of where our book is available or being used:

Soft Cover Books:

  • PMS Publishers Services distributes our soft cover books to Singapore and Malaysia schools, libraries and book stores like Junior Page
  • Ingram Sparks is our global print-on-demand distributor and helps us with get books to places like Amazon.com
  • Pupsik Studio and Mothercare are both generously partnering with us to distribute the book and raise money for The Courage Fund
  • Preschool for Multiple Intelligences and Ascension Kindergarten in Singapore have shipped out our donated soft cover books and shared the eBook with all their students. Several MOE Kindergartens and PFC Sparkletots preschools have also given out our donated books to their students
  • KK Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital have given out our donated books to their youngest patients
  • 58 donated books are available at Singapore’s National Libraries
  • Books have shipped far and wide – all the way to Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom!

eBooks: Teachers and librarians from a variety of schools and programmes in Singapore are sharing the eBook for their home based learning curriculum! Here are some great examples:

  • The Canadian International School has shared the eBook with all teachers from preschool to Grade 2
  • We are proud to partner with Singapore’s Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), to distribute our eBook to 100-150 families under their KidSTART programme. The KidSTART programme provides upstream and integrated support for low-income families with Singaporean children aged 0-6. Parents on the programme receive support in skills and practical knowledge in nutrition, holistic child development and parent-child interaction
  • Also, the eBook is available in the Apple Book store

Get your book today!

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