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About COVID-19 for Kids:

”Grandpa has a very strong will, but his body’s weak and often ill…” So begins our story, but the coronavirus has come to town and is spreading fast! What happens when Grandpa’s family and friends meet COVID-19 at his grandson’s birthday party? How will they all keep him safe?

See how Grandpa’s family and friends use social distancing and great hygiene to stay healthy and prevent further spread of the coronavirus, especially to the most vulnerable people in our society.

Using simple rhymes and fun illustrations, help kids understand the facts and what they can do to help fight COVID-19. This book was written to help you talk with your children about the coronavirus and answer the most important questions: What is COVID-19 and why is it such a big deal? How can I catch the coronavirus? What happens if I get it? What can I do to reduce my risk of getting infected? What is my role in reducing its spread, especially amongst those most vulnerable to the disease?

We also include a Discussion Guide & “In My Own Words” activity!

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In Singapore and Malaysia, we have soft cover books available in bookstores that are printed in Singapore.

Globally, try searching for our book at your favourite bookseller and you might find us! We have partnered with Ingram Sparks to distribute our book around the world and have sold over 3,000 copies so far! When you order our book outside of Singapore and Malaysia, they will contact Ingram Sparks to print our book on demand and ship it to you. That’s how you can find us at:

Have a peek inside COVID-19 for Kids!

Here are some of the illustrated pages by the amazing UK-based artist Christy Johnson:

We have also published a new book, This is Now ABCs! Learn more about it at our blog post here!

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